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Sound Proofing Sheets


Sound proofing sheets are formed by visco-elastics, which due to their low elasticity and a high factor of pressure loss, produce a very high coincidence frequency. The surface density of the material is maximised. These LA type sound proofing sheets have been specially designed as a substitute for the traditionally used lead sheets, which are expensive and difficult to install.

– Density: 2 kgs./mm.-m2. Resistance to tensile strength test 5 cm. x 5 cm.
– Longitudinal sense: 12/14 Kgs.
– Transverse sense: 8/10 Kgs.
– Longitudinal elongation: 500 a 600 %.
– Hardness SHORE (A): 65 units.
– Working temperature: -30/100º C.
– Flammability in accordance with ISO 3795: 70 m.
– Specifications: 40 NW.
– Self-adhesive version: 1000 x 1000 mm.
– Rolls: 1000 x 5000 mm.
– Weight: LA-5 5 Kgs / m2. LA-10 10 Kgs / m2.
– Thermal conductance: 0,16 kcal./h.m.ºC
– Self extinguishing in accordance with UNE 52127

In the installation of the material it is recommended that a certain distance from the surface to be sound proofed should be left and that the sound proofing materials should not come into rigid contact with this surface. In this way the results are optimised as a double wall is formed. The use of an absorbent material as a spacing element is recommended in order to avoid cavity resonance.

Especially suitable in the sound proofing of walls, casings for machinery, ducts or pipe-work, metallic roofing, etc.

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