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Acell Sheets


Format: Rolls in widths of 1400 mm.

Nominal thickness: 6-13-19-25 mm.

Colour: anthracite grey.

Average density: 30 Kgs./m .

Temperatura range:

40º C /+120º C.

Self extinguishing.

ACELL is an open cell flexible expanded polyurethane, selfextinguishing and with a honeycombed relief surface impression. This treatment increases the noise uptake surface and the surface density of the foam, providing a considerable improvement in absorption in terms of the normal values of non-treated materials. In fact, increases of the absorption coefficient have been found to vary from between 20% to 35% in the average high frequency band. This means that a considerable saving on materials can be foreseen, at the same time as maintaining or even increasing the acoustic features. The following advantages are also ACELL obtained:
– Aesthetically designed surface.
– Surface sufficiently resistant to the absorption of oils or highly viscose liquids.
– An increase in the mechanical surface resistance to abrasion.

One of the main objectives of present technology is to be able to optimise, as a whole, each one of its components, using materials of the smallest possible dimensions while keeping a high degree of efficiency. In the field of acoustics, this resolved by using ACELL, an absorbent expanded polyurethane on which a special honey-combed compression surface treatment has been carried out. ACELL presents, a greater absorption capacity than other materials of a similar thickness which have not been surface treated, or inversely, it permits a reduction in the thickness of the materials while maintaining absorption levels.

ACELL is particularly suitable for use in the acoustic sound proofing treatment of office machinery, computers, terminals, calculating apparatus, for covering tool or machinery casings, engine housings and ventilation shafts, etc.

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