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ACAB Sheets


Format: Rolls in widths of 1400 mm.

Nominal thickness: 13-19-25 mm.

Colour of the foam: anthracite grey.

Colour of the surface film: black, grey, blue, white, beige.

Average density: 30 Kgs./m .

Temperatura range: -40º C.+120º C.

Thermal conductance: 0.031 Kcal/mhºC.

Self extinguishing.

ACAB are open cell flexible polyurethane expanded foams, fixed to a polyurethane film, which provides an exceptional surface finish. ACAB are characterised by an original honey-combed relief impression. The protective film in each case has the sufficient resistance abrasion and touch, and is equipped with sufficient elasticity, to enable it to easly adapt to curved surfaces.

In the field of noise level reduction absorbent expanded polyurethane always plays a relevant role due to its extreme ease of handling and versatility. However, modern technology has permitted these features to be improved by means of special manufacturing and application processes carried out on the surface layer of the product. The product shown here ACAB has features which are considerably superior to the present versions of absorbent foam materials. Among these features we should highlight:
– Considerable increase in absorption.
– Increase in the protective surface.
– Well-designed external appearance.

The considerable degree of absorption of the ACAB is such that the product has an ideal application in office machinery (elaboration, terminals, calculators), instruments and ventilation shafts, etc. In addition the protective surface film enables the pruduct to be used in industrial machinery in general (machinery, casings, engine housings, etc). Given its quality external appearance, the ACAB is excellent for use as a functional/decorative element in restaurants, kitchen ceilings and dining rooms. In general it is suitable for use in any location where sound proofing installations are required to be part of the interior decoration.

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