KB-2 Acoustic Sound Proofing


The KB-2 sound proofing materials are multi-layer materials used on walls constructed of various materials with the aim of increasing sound proofing levels. The also decrease noise emissions from structures or panels vibrated by noise transmission through solid objects. These materials are made up of layers of poruous materials, with adequate flow resistance, alternated with heavy elasticised module layers and a pressure loss factor calculated to achieve the best possible weight/efficiency ratio. The materials used in KB-2 have been developed to provide a response to the mechanical and environmental requirements of the construction industry and among the different qualities that this flexible sound proofing material presents are the following: foldable, self-supporting, and specifically, the guarantee of maximum durability.

In the efficiency of sound proofing the continuity of the sound proofing barrier is of extreme importance. In fact, a standardised barrier that has a damping potential of 31 dB with a breach of 1% produces an effective damping of only 20 dB. For this reason, the presentation of the material in roles is of fundamental importance, making it possible to dramatically reduce the number of joints. The special profile of the KB-2 materials, also make it possible to seal joints. These characteristics guarantee the maximum profitability of the KB-2 materials.

The complex sound proofing systems are used normally in the sound proofing of premises of roofs where sound proofing has to be increased against noise transmitted by air. Its application is especially recommended in the following cases:
– Sound proofing of multi-layer walls and roofs.
– Casings for machinery or engines.
– Ducts or pipe-work for the transportation of liquids or powders.
– Metallic roofing, etc.

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