CKV Hoods


Self-cleaning exhaust hoods provide a more pleasant and hygienic working environment with less risk of fire. Elegance and CKV self-cleaning hoods also offer top-capacity filtration of the gases and fumes gnerated during the cooking process, based on the high-turbulence TURBO filter used in this application. This filter produces a series of successive cyclones that make it much more efficientthan conventional filters.

Optional integrated fire systems in hood.

The cleaning cycles that use hot water and detergent are programmable and run automatically. To improve filtration and prevent dirt from sticking and becoming encrusted, periodic humidification cycles using just cold water are run to keep interior surfaces moist. The cleaning cycle is therefore shorter and water consumption is thus kept to a minimum (approx. 3,5 litres per metre of hood in each wash). The water and detergent are mixed inside the control box, which also houses the programmer, the control and safety valves, the dosing pump, a decalcifier (to prevent scale from blocking the nozzles) and an auxiliary pump (optional) for cases in which there is insufficient mains pressure.

The following features apply to both hood types:
– Wall and cleaning versions available.
– TURBO model multi-cyclone filter cartridges. Efficacy exceeds 95% for particles of 8 microns and above.
– The whole hood perimeter is welded to prevent undesired dripping.
– Easily accessible integrated light with tempered glass in each hood section.
– The standard versions of the hood are manufactured in 2.500 mm sections that are easily assembled to form larger units. This facilitates both transport and subsequent assembly (please enquire about longer lengths for single units).
– Special dimensions upon request.

The self-cleaning hoods are particularly suitable for use in hospitals, on ships, and also in all those circumstances that require an excellent level of hygiene.


The CKV hoods have been specially developed in accordance with the criteria of the UK Standard for Kitchen Ventilation Systems, while the criteria established in the UL 710 Standard for Exhaust Hoods for Commercial Cooking Equipment have also been taken into consideration in order to provide a clean, hygienic and comfortable working environment in modern commercial kitchens. The hood has rectangular faces and features and extra-flat design, which makes it easily adaptable to low-ceiling areas without affecting its efficiency when used in large kitchens. It has an extracted air compensation zone and induction flow to improve uptake of gaseous effluents. It is built entirely in AISI 304 (Nº 1.4301) satin stainless steel, the thickness of which ranges from 1.25 mm to 2 mm.

Campana Elegance

The Elegance hood has been designed to combine sturdiness, beauty and performance in a minimum space and is therefore suitable for kitchens that require the best machinery (in ships for example) even when space is short. It is built entirely in AISI 3045 (Nº 1.4301) satin finished stainless steel in thicknesses that vary from 1.25 mm to 2 mm depending on the zone.

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