Luis Capdevila’s commitment to energy efficiency

In any industrial sector, energy efficiency is nowadays a key issue. Not only does it contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, thus helping to mitigate climate change, but it also promotes the saving of non-renewable natural resources and improves energy security by reducing dependence on external energy sources. In this line, Luis Capdevila, as leaders in the manufacture of smoke extraction systems in industrial kitchens, we work to reaffirm our commitment to innovation and sustainability.

As this paradigm shift is a fact, energy efficiency is a sine qua non condition in the conception of each new project. However, it was some time ago that we launched two products designed specifically with this purpose in mind. These are the frequency inverters and the Econo-Tronic system. Here we present them to you:

Frequency inverters: precise control for efficient consumption.

Luis Capdevila’s variable speed and frequency drives are the perfect solution for speed control of three-phase motors, especially designed for ventilation applications in industrial kitchens. As well as offering precise speed control, these drives provide a range of additional functions, from starting motors to acting as safety features. But most importantly, these drives help reduce energy consumption by adapting motor speed to the actual ventilation needs of the kitchen, resulting in significant energy savings.

Econo-Tronic: energy efficiency and environmental comfort.

The Econo-Tronic system is another outstanding innovation from Luis Capdevila. Designed to save energy and improve environmental comfort in industrial kitchens, this system adjusts the ventilation flow according to the specific needs of the kitchen. This not only leads to electrical energy savings of up to 80%, but also reduces air conditioning and heating losses through the hood, reduces noise in the kitchen and the building, and minimises draughts.

Commitment to the environment: certifications and regulations.

In addition to offering innovative products that improve energy efficiency, Luis Capdevila demonstrates its commitment to the environment through its business practices and quality certifications. Our hoods are certified according to standards such as EN292, EN 61800-3 and EN 60335, ensuring not only their efficiency, but also their safety and compliance with environmental standards.

Innovation is either green or it is not.

March 2022 Catalog

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