Induction Hood


The basic principle of this hood is to supply air, at room temperature, to compensate for the air extracted. It is different to the classic hood in that it requires two types of ventilation – the first to extract the air and the second to supply it. The air supplied comes through the hood, directed and at a constant speed, which by induction causes a depression in the smoky area directing it towards the filters. The volume supplied is approximately 50% to 70% of suction.

– Plenum and hoods (visible part) in stainless steel AISI 304.
– Internal insulation in the air discharge section. This hood comprises: • Suction plenum. • STAINLESS STEEL BAFFLE FILTERS. SIZES 490x490x25mm. • Discharge plenum. • Air duffuser. • Directing vane for the air discharged. • Air outlet setting.


By avoiding temperature changes in the working environment, it is especially useful in cold areas, such as mountains, in air-conditioned areas and on premises demanding a high level of comfort.


Wall Induction Hood

Wall hood with own supply of air. Sizes from 1200x1200mm. to 2200x1200mm. without plenum, and up to 5600x1200mm. with plenum.


Ceiling Induction Hood

Ceiling hood with own supply of air. Sizes from 1200x2400mm. to 5600x2400mm. with plenum.


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