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Marcair Filters


Marcair filters are specially designed to be installed on ceilings on premises requiring purification of air in laminar flow systems. The filtering medium is made of micronised fibreglass. The thimbles between laminas are made of thermoplastic glue. Attachment to the frame is sealed with polyurethane resin. The frame is made of anodised aluminium or wood. The leak-proof joint is made of closed cell multicellular polyurethane resin to avoid leaks of any kind.

-Temperature: The maximum operating temperature is 80º C.
– Efficiency: DOP 95.00%. DOP 99.99%. DOP 99.999%.
– Relative humidity: 100%.

March 2022 Catalog

Do you want more details about the ventilation and air filtration solutions proposed by Luis Capdevila? In our catalog, you will find all the information.

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