The filter is made entirely from stainless steel (AISI-304) and incorporates several water nozzles, along with two baffle type filters to retain water droplets, ensure correct filtering of grease, efficient protection against fire and a considerable reduction in the temperature of the fumes. You can reach the inside from either side to clean or replace filters. The nozzles create an adjustable stream which sweeps across the entire area the gases cross. These nozzles can be removed for cleaning and have their own inner filter to remove impurities from the water. The spray manages to achieve maximum effect from a minimum amount of water.

Operating principles: Water is sprayed in fine droplets to achieve four fundamental effects: 1.To create jets of water to sweep away drops of grease and other air-born solid particles, to the collector tray. 2.Even when there is no sweeping effect, the drops of grease grow on contact with the water droplets and are caught more easily in the filters. 3.Condensation of grease and oil which go from a gaseous to a liquid state as a consequence of the sprayed water’s undergoing an adiabatic change of state. 4.Dissolution of soluble compounds, principally aromatic compounds, in the drops which will later be trapped by the filters.

The case’s special design reduces condensation on the outside to the minimum, and ensures that dripping is minimal, should there be any. It is possible to incorporate a thermostat which thanks to an electrically operated valve, switches the filter on and off when the temperature of the extracted fumes reaches a certain point.

High temperature cookers, rotisseries, roasting tins, cookers and stoves. For lowering temperature, filtering grease, fire prevention and as a complement to purifying fumes and smells.