The Econo-Tronic System was designed to save energy and increase ambient comfort in industrial kitchens by adjusting fan air flow to the real needs in the kitchen. Some advantages this system offers are:
- Electricity savings up to 80%.
- Less air conditioning and heating is lost through the hood.
- Less noise in the kitchen and in the building.
- Fewer draughts.

HOW THE ECONO-TRONIC SYSTEM WORKS. There are two basic reasons that justify using this system: 1. Extractor hoods usually work at 100% capacity all the time, despite the fact that there are many times during the day when extraction requirements are minimal. 2. The flow extracted by any centrifugal fan is proportional to the rotational speed, but energy consumption increases to the third power. Put simply, if the speed is doubled, twice the flow is achieved. But the cost is not doubled

it's 8 times greater. Throughout the day, variations occur in hood extraction needs. Adapting extraction to real needs can result in energy savings of 50% or more.