- Reinforced casing in furnace-painted iron sheet.
- Zigzag pre-filter with type R-1-200-EU3 filtering mat, with side opening for changing. Self extinguishing M1.
- Weight: 75 Kg
- Absolute filter type HF-663 with 99,99% D.O.P. With side opening for changing.
- Optional filter 99'999.
- Fan type M.I. 10/10
- 3/4 Monophase. Fully adjustable M.I.R. 10/10
- 3/4. Installed to order. Access through side flaps.
- Inlet and outlet nozzles adjustable to intake 18/18.

In areas or premises requiring high-level air filtering: pharmaceutical and photographic laboratories, hospitals, dairy industries, natural fruit juice packaging plants, high precision industries.