Fan boxes in order to flow air by driven pulley fan.
- Flow rates up to 60.000 m3/h.
- Pressures of up to 90 mm.cda.

- The fan is a multiblade centrifuge type. Conceived with a back horizontal entry and horizontal impulsion, the link to the ducts network is done with clamps.
- Fan boxes specialy designed to transport air at a tempreture of 400ºC during 2 hours.
- The transmission mecanisme, using belts, is set on the exterior with the aime of keeping it away from the air flow.

- Built in "sandwich" panels, with doble galvanized metal sheets and interior acoustic isolation, wich makes their operation extremely silent.
- The electric motor, single-phased or three-phased, totaly air and watertight, built in corrosion resistant aluminium, is placed in the front part, under the impulsion output, in a "dead" zone, without adding unnessecary hight to the fanbox. This motor is fixed to the fanbox with a base that you can tip to change the belts easely and quickely.
- All covers removable.
- Just change the position of the fan for vertical or horizontal output and two covers.
- Extra blank cover for rear mouth to facilitate attachment to duct.
- Motor and fan unit mounted on floating bedplate.
- Tightness guaranteed by insulating seal.
- Housing width calculated to achieve maximum performance.
- In stock, hoppers to fit any diameter at both intake mouth and propulsion mouth.