Fan boxes in order to flow air by driven pulley fan.
- Flow rates up to 35.000 m3/h.
- Pressures of up to 130 mm.cda.
- Maximum operating temperature 85ºC.

- M.S.O simple-inlet multiblade fan. Available from 10/5 to 30/14.

- Made of galvanized iron plate. All walls are supplied fully lined with heat and sound insulating materials.
- All covers removable.
- Please specify vertical or horizontal output in each case when placing your order.
- Motor and fan unit mounted on floating bedplate.
- Tightness guaranteed by insulating seal.
- Motor and drive completly independent of gas flow circuit.
- Fan can also be supplied to rotate in opposite direction.
- Specialy suitable for use in demanding installation, for example: industrials kitchens, barbacues, roasters, filtering high temperatures smoke, etc.