Baffle filters consist of a series of specially designed slats or plates, arranged vertically within a frame. The shape of these slats causes the grease-bearing air to suddenly change direction and, by centrifugal force, the particles of grease are hurled against the slats.

- Made from galvanized or stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 430. STANDARD MEASUREMENTS: 490 x 490 x 50 mm. 415 x 490 x 50 mm. Ask about special measurements. Weight: 3,5 Kg.

To retain grease in industrial hoods.

As can be seen in the diagram, our filters have a double radius which produces a greater centrifugal effect than conventional baffle filters. Moreover, the slats fit into the space created by the slats on the opposite side increasing the trajectory of the spin. Both these peculiarities lead to greater filtration. In the case of stainless filters, their shining finish makes grease slide through the surface, thus keeping the filter cleaner for longer. All filters have holes in the frame to allow the grease to drain away to the collector. Except for the ferrite filters all baffle filters come with handles for easier handling.