This serie is based on 8 basic sizes each allowing the use of various motors in order to obtain a wide range of models featuring flow capacities from 300 up to 20.000 m3/h. The centrifugal backard curved impeller in galvanised steel is statically and dinamically balanced. The mounting base with formed inlet is in galvanised steel, while the roof unit cowl and discharge cowl for vertical air flow are in ABS (Acrilonitrile-Butadiene-Stirene) with protective film against ultraviolet. The motors are asynchronous type, either in single or three phase version and are located out of air flow. The lateral protection grille which is made of galvanized steel, supports the motor-impeller-wheel group. The series TD is tested for an operating limit of 400º/2 hours, and has got specific use, where is required a “Fire proof” execution. Qualified at CTICM-PV
- Nº 02-A-442.

Units with the following motors do not comply with Fireproof execution:
- Explosion proof execution in accordance with AMCA standard 99-041-86 Class C, with motor EEx-d IIB.
- Special voltage motors and/or 60 Hz. frequeny.
- Motors with thermal protector.