Fan boxes in order to flow air by driven pulley fan.
- Flow rates up to 30.000 m3/h.
- Pressures of up to 90 mm.cda.
- Maximum operating temperature 70ºC.

- Consist of double-inlet multiblade fan for drive operation.
- Double-inlet multiblade MT fan in 10/10 and 12/12 models, and MTC fan in 15/15 and 18/18 models.

- Made of galvanized iron. All walls are supplied fully lined with heat and sound insulating materials.
- All covers removable.
- Just change the position of the fan for vertical or horizontal output and two covers ( except for 10/10).
- Extra blank cover for rear mouth to facilitate attachment to duct.
- Motor and fan unit mounted on floating bedplate.
- Tightness guaranteed by insulating seal.
- Vibration-absorbing strip at drive mouth.
- Housing width calculated to achieve maximum performance.
- In stock, hoppers to fit any diameter at both intake mouth and propulsion mouth.
- Vibration-absorbers on bedplate.