Active carbon grains refills.

- Grains of physically activated pinewood carbon.
- Density: 450-500 Kgs/m3.
- Specific surface: 850 m2/gr.
- Ph = 9
- Charbon de bois de pin en grains activé physiquement.

- Grain holder to insert in ducts to avoid unpleasant smells.
- Any measurements to order.
- Standard 490 x 490 x 25.

Activated carbon is appropriate in the filter industry especially where the filtering of odours and volatile residues are concerned. The effectiveness of this type filter does not drop off vertically. It breaks down uniformly and gradually, it can therefore be replaced all at once when it is no longer effective or in a rotation system to establish an average performance index. It is completely impossible to specify how long a filter will last as it depends on too many factors, such as, PURITY, CONCENTRATION, TEMPERATURE, and the type of VOLATILE element to be eliminated. Accumulation values, however, are known to be between 0.02 and 0.22 per gram of active carbon. The following classification shows clearly its power of absorbency of certain smells: HIGH POWER OF ABSORBENCY: Anaesthesia, animal smells, cosmetic antiseptics, disinfectants, cake shops, fertilisers, rubbers, packaging, medicines, starches, body odours, fruit, laundries, liquor, kitchens, toilets, varnishes, liquid fuels, tobacco smoke.