Luis Capdevila, s.a. was founded in Barcelona on 1st September 1977 with the purpose of manufacturing and marketing elements for air conditioning and filtration.

Ever since has proved to be a reliable supplier with a high quality standard. At the same time, its innovative character has led to the design of multiple well known products such as:

  1. - The first Filtronic in year 1985, the best known filter for the control of the smell and smoke in the commercial kitchen.
  2. - The first induction exhaust hood patented in year 1987.
  3. - The first 400ºC/2h fan box with horizontal and vertical outlet and the motor placed below the exhaust duct.
  4. - Recently, the Teppan system, a ductless system for cooking without exhaust hood.
  5. - Still the ozone generator, the active carbon filters, inverters, the Elegance hood with its water wash system, the SUPRA filter, etc. are all new systems and products that makes our range of products wide enough to cover all the needs in the industrial kitchen.

Finally, our experience of 40 years allow us to advise the best solution for every single problem related to the ventilation in industrial kitchens.

Exhaust hoods: standard, water wash, UV hoods and with fire protection systems. Exhaust ceilings. FILTRONIC smoke and smell depurators. Vent less cooking equipment TEPPANFILT which do not require any exhaust hood above.

At present, 40% of our sales are for abroad. We have distributors throughout the world, although our largest markets are closest to us: France and Portugal.

We have three production plants as well as warehouses in Barcelona, León and the Canary Isles.


At Luis Capdevila, s.a., we have always thought of quality as vital to our development. For this reason, we carry out strict control of our manufacturing processes.

pdf logoQuality Policy

To offer our clients a product with certified global quality, Luis Capdevila S.A., complies with all the regulatory requirements in the Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

pdf logoISO 9001:2015


Providing our clients with good service is, together with quality, our second most important objective.

Personalised consultancy

Luis Capdevila, S.A. offers a permanent team of experts and representatives ready to advise our clients in the application of our products. Furthermore, we calculate the filtration and exhaust equipment dimensions at no cost for our clients.

Immediate delivery

We offer you a large stock of finished products, ready for collection at the warehouse nearest to your province: Barcelona, Leon and the Canary Isles.


And if our standard product does not adapt to the requirements of your installation, we can offer you tailor-made manufacturing of a large part of our items.


Over 2,500 fume extractor hoods, more than 3,000 fan boxes, over 500 Filtronic units and more then 15,000 filters manufactured every year, together with the know-how gained since 1977, give an idea of the experience of Luis Capdevila, s.a. in the field of air filtration and ventilation.