TEPPAN-TABLE system is a griddle for Teppan Yaki (Japanese style) restaurants which features our built in filtration system.
The DUCTLESS system takes the smoke right where it is produced, sucks the air, cleans it, and exhausts it clean and odor-less. It has 3 filtering stages:
- Stage 1 : Mechanical Filtration It is done by a set of baffle filters similar to those used in kitchen exhaust hoods which are able to filtrate the biggest particles (above 3 microns) by means of centrifugation of the smoke flow.
- Stage 2: Electronic Filtration The electronic air filter is a particle pick-up device based on the principle of electrostatic precipitation. Only electronic air filters and certain specially-designed dry filters are capable of separating particles which are smaller than 5 microns. The efficiency threshold of this electronic filter places it in the order of magnitude of 0.01 microns.
- Stage 3: Active Carbon Filtration The active carbon ability to remove smell of air (absortion) is well known. With a surface area in excess of 500m2/g active carbon retains odorous gases from the previously filtered air.

- No installation required. Built in the griddle.
- Ductless
- Hoodless system.
- Takes the smoke right from the surface of the griddle.
- Electronic filtration system.
- High and constant eficiency.
- Ergonomical Aspiration Entry point.
- Low maintenance costs. Easy to clean.
- Reduced noise.

The characteristics of the griddle are the followings:
- Built in "Ductless" filtering Technology.
- Electronic Thermostat with inertia compensation system.
- Oversized Grease drawer.
- Embebed heating elements.
- Steel construction, not chromed.
- Grill surface welded to the body.

Dimensions (*): 1245 x 943 x 840.
Grill surface (**): 1100 x 650.
Number of Heating Elements: 1.
Number of Thermostats: 1.
Voltage: 380/220 III.
Power: 4 kw.
Number grease drawers: 1.
Grease drawer capacity: 3 lit.

* Width, Height, Depth.
** Width, Depth.
*** Teppanyaki table not included.

TEPPAN YAKI RESTAURANTS. With TEPPAN-TABLE most of the particles that carry the odour and stick to your clothes will be removed from the air and filtered while you enjoy your tepanyaki experience. No hood system installation required.

ADDING NEW EQUIPMENT to the existing kitchen. When you need more production, but your aspiration system cannot handle an extra griddle, TEPPAN-TABLE will do the job. TEPPAN-TABLE does not need any hood system and will push your production without further investment.

SHOW COOKING. TEPPAN-TABLE will keep smoke and odours away from your customers, while they enjoy the show and their meal.

ARCHITECTURALLY COMPLICATED BUILDINGS. Ideal for Historical buildings, Airports, Shopping Malls or Hotels where it wouldn´t be possible to install a traditional aspiration system. TEPPAN-TABLE can be installed anywhere with minimum effort.